[rescue] What disk in an Ultra5

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Wed Sep 7 12:41:39 CDT 2005

I asked this question a couple of weeks ago, so you
might want to look at the archives for that

The basic issue is that the onboard IDE controllers
are from circa 1999 and the IDE standard has long
moved beyond that.  I have successfully replaced the
9GB Seagate Medalist which was originally installed in
my U5 with a 160GB Seagate Barracuda, however note
that all of this space is not addressable because the
older IDE controller isn't capable of addressing more
than 128GB.  Given that the IDE disk prices are low
(160GB is less than $100US these days...), I don't
consider this an issue.

FWIW, I run OpenBSD 3.7 on my upgraded U5 and have yet
to experience anything dire with it.  OpenBSD does
recognize Promise IDE PCI controllers, so you can add
large drives where all the space will be addressable,
but anything connected to a secondary controller
cannot be booted from given that the cards are not
OpenBOOT aware.  I don't run Solaris, so I can't tell
you anything about it & newer hardware.



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> ?
> I have an Ultra5 that I'm going to bring back online.  It has the
> original 8 Gb drive in it right now.  As I recall I was able to
> put another drive on the secondary controller to get more disk space, 
> but was never able to boot off of anything but that original 8 Gb drive.  
> Since that drive is getting a bit old (and is still on the small side) 
> I was wondering what disks I can use to boot from in my ultra5.  
> Does anybody know?
> Thanks in advance!
> JJ
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