[rescue] Crashing the Used UltraSPARC Market

Joost van de Griek jvdg at sparcpark.net
Wed Sep 7 04:33:32 CDT 2005

On 2005-09-06 20:27, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> If you want one (or more), you'll need to either pick your systems up
> from my house in Elgin, or I'll deliver anywhere in Austin[2], or you'll
> need to pay me[3] shipping and packaging.  I will consider shipping
> systems for free to bona fide maintainers of free operating system
> projects, but I obviously cannot afford to foot the bill for everyone.

I'd be mighty interested in a CycleQuad or a U2. I'm in Holland, so pick-up
or delivery isn't really an option, but shipping and any related costs
(customs, taxes) I'll gladly pick up for a nice SMP UltraSPARC.

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Joost van de Griek

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