[rescue] I tried one last time ...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Oct 26 13:49:44 CDT 2005

>Maybe ask thru: http://www.techtamed.com/deltec.htm

I'll give them a shot, thanks.  I haven't seen their site yet, this one's
new to me.

I didn't try Fiskars, but I did try Invensys, and they were the slightly
unpleasant ones.  I suspect, as has been mentioned, they didn't want to
deal with the Yank, hence the thickness of the speech.  (I was more-or-less
aware that there were a lot fewer Cockney-speakers near le Bow, but the
slang is still in the vernacular, you understood it at the very least.)

Somebody out there has to have (famous last words, I know) the data I need
at a price I can afford....  You'd think so, anyway.  So much for logic.

wes will
Hope you don't drop a transmission on anything important.  I hate doing
trannies, ever since my little brother used me on a floor creeper as a
transmission jack and support for the transmission for a 65 Mustang.  He
plopped that sucker onto my chest and then rolled me under the car....

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