[rescue] I tried one last time ...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Oct 26 10:55:58 CDT 2005

>I missed part of the thread but if they acquired Deltec they might  
>not _have_ the docs you need.
>Which is no excuse for simply not saying so but still.
>Brian Dunbar

Well, they have docs for a lot of other Deltec items,the light-duty stuff.
But anything commercial grade they refuse to admit whether they have (or do
not have) docs for, and try to get you into their sales system to buy a new

It's most annoying, and convincing them that a home-based support server
for non-profit group use needs a 2.5KVA UPS gets to be maddening.  Once you
convince them that yes, you do need that size UPS, they go off and jump off
the other side of the boat, and try to sell you one at 10KVA.

I swear, they are trying to make me lose what little is left of my sanity.
It's working.


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