[rescue] I tried one last time ...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Oct 26 09:40:19 CDT 2005

At 09:30 AM 10/26/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 08:20:07AM -0500, Wes Will wrote:
>> And this time, I actually got a reply.  Notice I didn't say a helpful
>> "No docs.  Too old.  How's about you talk to a sales weasel?  We can sell
>> you a new one."
>Wow.  When I called up nStor to find out pinouts for the serial port on an
>old cr8e RAID array, after a couple of days I was exchanging emails with the
>guy who designed the unit, and he FAXed me the engineering drawings for the
>serial port cable!

One of the companies in the chain of acquisitions is in the UK, and I even
called them.  Singularly unhelpful, bordering on extremely rude, with one
of the most impenetrable Bow Bells accents you can imagine.

The Eaton/PowerWare people admit to owning the entire old Deltec line, but
to nothing else.  No docs of any sort, nothing except a referral to their
sales weasels, who insist on pushing one of the twin generalization
fallacies:  "This is new and therefore better." (Which is just as wrong as
insisting that "This is old and therefore good." but in this case, old =
paid-for, which is the main criterion for me at this stage.)

The gonif in sales actually tried to get me to buy a new 10KVA stand-alone
unit to replace this rackable 2.5KVA UPS.  Without knowing or asking
ANYTHING about the loading, even, but he was sure that the 10KVA box was
the smallest I could need.  It's a dual Xeon box and a raid array in my
basement ....  

I could run my whole -house- on a 10KVA unit.

Dimwits.  "Push the veal."

wes will

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