[rescue] I tried one last time ...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Wed Oct 26 08:20:07 CDT 2005

Just sent one last broadside to Eaton/PowerWare, the latest owners of the
Deltec company that used to be in the UPS business.  I asked most politely,
pretty please, can't afford a new one, not any way to buy one of their new
pretty toys, got a good old one (this sucker's built like a frimpin' tank),
just need documentation on it to find the fault in the DC input side.

And this time, I actually got a reply.  Notice I didn't say a helpful reply.

"No docs.  Too old.  How's about you talk to a sales weasel?  We can sell
you a new one."

If there are six of these old beasts in my area (mine and I know of five
more), and we're a tiny place of less than ten thousand population, how
many gazillion of 'em are there in some place like LA, Chicago, or St. Louis?

I need to reverse-engineer this thing, and go into the documentation
business.  Bet I could sell quite a few copies for three or four bucks, on
CD or by ftp download....  (I'd need a working one to get voltages  and
waveforms off of for troubleshooting guides, but that shouldn't be too hard.)

Sounds like I got myself another hobby all of the sudden....

wes will

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