[rescue] HP UPS - 3000XR? Any Good?

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Oct 25 13:00:32 CDT 2005

Since I can get NO (None, Nyet, Zero, Nichts, Nada) information about my
old Deltec PRR2500A UPS which has popped a part or two, not even
battery-connection diagrams, I'm looking to replace a fairly large UPS or
two.  I'd love to have a 15KVA job or bigger, with a gennie for backup
charging, but it ain't happenin' on my geek pittance, so I'm doing the
surplus thing.

I've got a line on an HP 3000XR in a 2U rack case, and was wondering if
anyone out there had any good/bad/indifferent experience with this
particular widget.

I'm old-fashioned, so I'm not exactly sold on a transformerless UPS, but I
don't see why it should be any worse than a switching power supply, either.
 I also like the thought that maybe I could manage to heave this one
around, in spite of my arthritis and current semi-functional condition, but
that's beside the point in reality.  As long as there exists a block and
tackle, I can raise the thing.  Leverage is where you find it....

Any opinions?  Also, is this a 12-, 24-, or 48- volt system?  Or more?  And
how tough is it going to be to extend the battery bus, to add capacity
externally?  (I would be adding a separate charging circuit for the
batteries that were external and switching them into the circuit at
power-fail to beef up the run time.  I have a soldering iron and I'm not
afraid to use it.)

Opinions?  Options?  Got any ideas here?

wes will
(Hey Erie, did you ever get either of those 20-bay monsters you came and
got from my place running again?  Sounds like somebody else has a couple or
four to toss just like 'em.  www)

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