[rescue] FREE: Qty 6 nCipher PCI SSL accelerator cards

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Oct 25 06:11:25 CDT 2005

Phil Brutsche wrote:
> Approaching the end of the stuff that fell into my lap...
> I have 6 nCipher PCI SSL accelerator cards.  Specifically, they are
> called the "nForce PCI 300", model # nFo300-P.  Manufacturer's specs:
> http://www.ncipher.com/nforce/nforce_specs.html
> The manufacturer refers to them as "secure SSL accelerators" - the
> certificate is stored on a smartcard, and is read by the PCI card via a
> card reader when it needs it.  The manufacturer supports Windows, Linux,
> Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX.  Solaris drivers are included on the CD in the
> box.  The PCI cards are still sealed in the anti-static bags.
> $DIETY knows I managed to get them for free.
> Pay shipping from 68137 and they're yours.
You still have these, Phil? I know somebody who might really like these...


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