[rescue] Watchguard Firebox II

Sheldon Wellborn sheldon at ubermods.org
Wed Oct 19 19:05:49 CDT 2005

I also have one, and it LOOKS like it is working...  Everything lights
up, but I am unable to route with it as the IP address are not for this
network.  So I need the software like Martin.  Anyone know where I could
get a copy of it? 
Many thanks!

Martin de Jongh wrote:

>I also have a (defected) WG firewall doing noting and also tried without
>any success to obtain the needed management software.
>I even tried to connect the appliance trough the serial port but only
>see the LILO BOOT message.
>Does anyone have the software and if so is it possible to mail me the
>needed applications so I can test to see if the appliance is still
>With kind regards,
>Martin de Jongh
>The Netherlands
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