[rescue] SCSI stuff up for grabs

Peter abuse at cabal.org.uk
Mon Oct 17 08:05:05 CDT 2005

We've been tidying up the workshop and have located a couple of items
of possible interest to Shirker and perhaps others in the UK:

* A SCSI-II CD writer made by HP.

* A 2U high rackmount case that's basically an case with two 5.25"
  external drive bays, loads of internal drive bays, and a 68 way SCSI
  cable snaking through.

I also seem to have a handful of Xyplex terminal concentrators and
some dumb terminals, and the collection of large Sun monitors is being
shuffled closer and closer to the bins...

A contribution to the office beer fund may be required, although
you're quite welcome to help us deplete it again if it's 5pm. "Buyer"
collects on the heavier items.

Kids today. Why, you tell 'em about ten users in 128 kilobytes, ten meg hard
drives the size of a Maytag, they believe you. Tell them about booting a
single-user operating system [Win2k] in 16 megabytes, they think you're pulling
their leg.				- Peter da Silva in The Other Place

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