[rescue] New find of the month...

Gary Goddard gaz.god at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 10:52:14 CDT 2005

 From my experiences of AS400 (very limited) i'd stock up with garlic 
and crucifixes!!!!

Did a 2 day intro programming coarse because the company i work for 
wanted to get rid of the consultant who develop most of the system and 
me to move over from unix to it. After the coarse i found another job!!!!


Patrick Finnegan wrote:

>Patrick Finnegan declared on Wednesday 12 October 2005 02:48 pm:
>>Found an AS/400 model 600 or 620 today.  Not sure what kind of config
>>yet, but it appears to still have all of its drives intact, and came
>>wiht documentation, software, its console twinax terminal, and
>>call-home modem.
>Ok.  Spent some time getting the machine set up in the family room 
>tonight, and after correctly setting the address on the console terminal 
>to 0 (instead of 6), I got the machine booted, and then later found out 
>via reading manuals and USENET postings how to reset QSECOFR's password 
>(and found out what the name of that account was :).
>I've gotta say OS/400 is very, very weird.  I'm not sure how else to put 
>it.  I'm still trying to figure out how to locate/view files on the 
>machine.  It appears to have been used in Purdue's Union Club hotel, and 
>was connected to a PBX systems, and possibly also a guest room door 
>entry card system, from looking at the descriptions it had of devices 
>connected to it.
>Does anyone (Sridhar?) know of any good "learing OS/400" type references?  
>I could look through Amazon or IBM's OS/400 literature for 
>possibilities, but it'd be nice to have a recommendation from someone 
>who knows anything about this stuff first.

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