[rescue] Difference between U5/10?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue Oct 11 11:15:13 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 11 October 2005 10:39, Bryan Gurney wrote:
> I'm pretty sure the UPA slot is on the board itself, and that the U10
> is the only case that's high enough to accept a UPA card in the case.
>  If you look at the rear of the U10 case, there's 5 PCI slots (IIRC)
> that are parallel to the motherboard plane (therefore coming off of a
> riser card), but there's one slot that's perpendicular to the
> motherboard plane (therefore directly off of the motherboard).  This
> slot is the UPA slot.
> So an Ultra 5 *COULD* take a UPA card, but only if you took out a
> hacksaw, or found a U10 case and PCI riser.

Hence, why I said 'if you had a U10 case'.  Also, a UPA card in an Ultra 
5 (which is too tall to fit in the case) would block one of the slots 
on the PCI riser, which is why I also said that you'd want an Ultra 10 
riser card.

I didn't expect people to take a hack saw to their case so that they can 
use the UPA slot.  It's a lot cheaper to find an old 300MHz (or broken) 
Ultra 10, and swap in parts from a faster Ultra 5 (or just buy a fast 
U10 and be done with it).

It's silly to try to hack the U5's case enough to fit a UPA graphics 
card in it.  It'd make more sense even to find an old PC case that 
fits, and make that work; at least it'd be tall enough for the UPA card 
to actually fit in the case without sticking out the top.


> On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 10:27:11 -0500, Patrick Finnegan
> <pat at computer-refuge.org> wrote:
> > On Tuesday 11 October 2005 08:19, James Hartley wrote:
> >> I was under the impression that the motherboards between the Ultra
> >> 5 and Ultra 10 were the same.  From what I have seen on this list,
> >> the fastest CPU marketed for the U10 was 440MHz.  If this is all
> >> true, is there anything preventing moving U10 mobo's back to a U5?
> >
> > No, in fact they used the same motherboards (look at the component
> > lists on Sunsolve for them - they share the same system board part
> > #s).
> >
> > Also, as I discovered, you can even use an old 375-0009 board from
> > a first-gen 270MHz Ultra 5 and put any CPU - up to a 440MHz one -
> > into it, as long as you flash the board to a newer PROM rev (no
> > reason to use anything but the latest rev) before you swap the
> > faster CPU in.
> >
> >> From what I can see, besides more plastic, the U10 offered four
> >> PCI slots as opposed to three in the U5.
> >
> > That's on the riser card.  Using the U10's case and riser card also
> > makes available the UPA graphics slot, and space for more internal
> > drives.
> >
> > Pat
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