[rescue] Difference between U5/10?

Bryan Gurney arb_npx42 at comcast.net
Tue Oct 11 09:33:36 CDT 2005

I acutally have a U10 board with a 440 MHz CPU inside a U5 case.   
Unfortunately, it's a board with the 8-bit framebuffer, and the short  
height of the U5 case prevents you from using a vertical UPA card for a  
24-bit framebuffer, so most likely my U10 board in a U5 case is going to  
be some kind of server.

On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 06:19:22 -0700, James Hartley <jjhartley at att.net>  

> I was under the impression that the motherboards between the Ultra 5 and
> Ultra 10 were the same.  From what I have seen on this list, the fastest
> CPU marketed for the U10 was 440MHz.  If this is all true, is there
> anything preventing moving U10 mobo's back to a U5?
>> From what I can see, besides more plastic, the U10 offered four PCI
> slots as opposed to three in the U5.
> Thanks.
> j
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