[rescue] OT: response to "small town"

Devin L. Ganger devin at thecabal.org
Fri Oct 7 18:34:31 CDT 2005

on 10/7/2005 3:31 PM Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> I'd be tempted to ask how
> so many of our "conservative" politicians can claim to be both
> pro-religion get so firmly against certain plants gifted to us by the
> Creator.  Either God made a mistake, or politicians are lying two-faced
> bastards.

Or geeks, like everyone else, tend to make artificial binary 
distinctions out of complicated topics.

One can believe in God that gave the bounty of the Earth, yet believe 
the various plants and animals within that bounty are not all given for 
all possible purposes, without having a logical conflict.

But this is straying far outside of rescue@ territory, so I'll bring it 
back on topic by saying that God, in his bounty, has gifted me with an 
Auspex NS 5500 I'd really like to find a more suitable home for.

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