[rescue] Bad UPS II: The Sad Mac

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Oct 7 12:15:06 CDT 2005

Wes Will wrote:
>>>card through your door before legging it".
>>Michael Parson
> give up, mike.  it's a losing battle, they're too young and culturally
> disconnected. you either have to have been there, or be hooked into all of
> that "oldie moldie" stuff because of personal interest or vocation.
> besides, they probably thought it was a bad and boring flick anyway, no
> "action" blood, guts, or gore.  bad, boring, just like those other bad and
> boring flicks, dr. zhivago and citizen kane.

You should check your assumptions.

I might have seen more of those flicks than you or Mike have.

My brother is only 22, and he has entire collections of that era.

In any case, Dr. Zhivago and Citizen Kane are hardly signs of cultural 
connection.  In fact, Orson Welles very nearly ruined Citizen Kane 
(assuming that's the version you are talking about).

I actually have the soundtrack for Dr. Zhivago on vinyl, though long ago 
lost my last record player.  Just too much trouble.

In any case, I understood his postman reference.  I thought it was just 
a humorous add-on, and that he was really serious about their customer 
service being better.

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