[rescue] Mac 6500/225 - HOW DO YOU OPEN THE STINKIN' CASE?!

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Oct 6 10:41:17 CDT 2005

At 10:22 AM 10/6/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>If you need to get into the front half (drive replacements) grasp underneath
>the front rounded panel and pull the bottom out. It's tough, and it'll pop
>hard - you'll think you broke it at first. The whole front plastic comes off
>and you can get at the hd bay and cd-rom. If you need to get at the mobo,
>there's two small phillips screws on the back that need to be removed first.
>then you grab the two tabs and pull straight back. The whole mobo assembly
>slides out.

That's what I needed to know, thanks.  That's where I went first, but was
afraid I was going to snap something off!  You're right, this is a tough
one to yank.

I got the motherboard to slide out in a few seconds; that was easy and

Yes, I have to remove the drive, mount it elsewhere, copy files from it,
secure wipe it, and then surplus the box through the State of Illinois
depot in Springfield.  

> I've had a 6500 for years and love it.

Yeah.  Nice box, imho, too bad it's going to the scrapyard.

> I believe the website is :
>www.6400zone.com <http://www.6400zone.com>

That's not it, domain not found, I'll keep trying permutations of this,
maybe it will pop up.

And yes, this helped, a lot, thanks again.


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