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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Oct 4 07:47:40 CDT 2005

>> (I don't suppose you know of any way to rebind ^X so that it's not a
>> prefix key, by any chance?)
> you should be able to override any of the defaults by editing either
> the system wide /etc/inputrc, or your persional ~/.inputrc.

> What are you wanting ^X to do for you?

unix-line-discard.   It now works to "bind c-x:unix-line-discard" (in
my .bashrc).  I don't have records of my earlier experiments (I wish I
did, because I was *sure* I'd tried that), but I was unable to get that
before - everything I tried either did nothing or bound an ordinary
letter instead.

> (at least) NetBSD has a similar built-in library called editline(3).

Yes, I've had run-ins with it too.  See NetBSD PR 29597 (and 3982, if
you're interested in some of the history).

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