[rescue] ham gear

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Mon Nov 28 16:32:09 CST 2005

On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 03:22:16PM -0700, Dan Duncan wrote:

> Does the Palm Pilot do any of those?
> Mine only did audio and IR.

That's because it was an old off-the-self civilian model. 

Current models have WiFi (WiMax is coming down the pipe), EDGE and G3.

How much steel can a 1 watt WiFi transmitter go through? For example,
until Nov 2003, WiFi and Bluetooth were illegal here. The IDF was given
$800,000,000 to replace their equipment that used those frequencies.

What does the a navy (any navy) do with them out at sea where no on cares?


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