[rescue] was: ham gear, now altec speakers!

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Nov 28 11:03:28 CST 2005

A friend referred me to Altec speakers, called Voice of the Theater. Said
they would be a good match for me, when I inquired about hifi speakers for

A7-500 and A7 are the models. If anyone comes across any that are
for sale, I'm sort of looking :-) There were tons of them made, and I
would imagine they may be found around places where computer and radio
geeks would look.

I'm not exactly in the hotbed of geek activity here in Southeastern
Virginia, but I do my part.



I need some big IDE disks, and don't have much spare cash. Would be
willing to trade a Sun A5000 array for a couple of large modern IDE disks
(200gb x 4 maybe?). Array has some disks, LCD, heavy as all hell. The
disks are for a community site I run that has some 16+ audio feeds
(www.HRConnect.com under streaming audio). They are scanners feeding
computers feeding the internet, and we archive some of the audio data.

Also have a Decserver 2100 rackmount that I'd trade for IDE wares. Pretty
sad isn't it? I never thought I would offer to trade real computers for
cheap disks :-)

Trader would have to cover shipping on the hardware though.

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