[rescue] FS: stuff from the closet

jwb-tech at picarefy.com jwb-tech at picarefy.com
Sun Nov 27 23:28:45 CST 2005

Everything is "untested but looks OK" unless otherwise noted. More to come
later this month!

--James B.

2 @ Spyrus MC Disk SCSI PCMCIA readers, in original boxes with manual,
RS/6000 AIX 3.2.5 and 4.1.1 drivers, power supply, and reader. Mostly
intended for memory cards ("SRAM, ROM, OTP, E(E)PROM, FLASH, and PC-ATA
disks (mechanical/silicon)"), but also supports "specific I/O cards". HD50
SCSI connectors, two PCMCIA slots. These were part of my long-ago plot to
get solid-state SCSI storage; unfortunately, while they would read and
write just fine, I couldn't quite get a Sun to boot from them. $5 each
plus shipping.

2 @ SIIG US2225 USB 1.1 Cardbus cards, OHCI. New in sealed boxes. Note
that like most USB cards, these require newer slots which support a full
range of voltages -- if your laptop doesn't have a USB port, it probably
doesn't support these cards either. $5 each plus shipping.

Addonics IDE Ultra DigiDrive, new in sealed box. Mounts in a 3.5" drive
bay, one PCMCIA slot for mounting apparently any card that exposes an ATA
interface to your IDE chain. Bootable, but only if your BIOS supports
booting from a Zip drive. Yet another failed experiment in solid-state
storage. $5 plus shipping.

HP "Accy CD Kit L.12.05", P/N 5064-6675. Two CDs, still shrinkwrapped. One
is "HP NetServer Online Documentation/including HP NetServer Information
Assistant", D.12.00, document ID 7737, copyright 1993-1998, P/N 5011-7024,
for the NetServer E Series, L Series, and Retired Systems; the other is
similar but hidden by the exterior label, P/N 5011-5074, whatever it is,
it's for the NetServer LXr Pro8, LXr Pro, LX Pro, LXe Pro, LH II, LH Pro,
LD Pro, and LC II. Free for shipping.

HP document, NetServer "LH 3/LH 3r Processor Upgrade Installation Guide",
P/N 5967-2106, June 1998. Free for shipping.

HP document, NetServer "LC 3 Processor Upgrade Installation Guide", P/N
5967-5254, July 1998. Free for shipping.

Sun 530-1857-03 Rev 51, 5M HD26 to Centronics parallel cable for SS10/SS20
and various Netras. $2 plus shipping.

Wangtek 5099EN24 QIC-24 tape drive, in mounting bracket for old Sun-3
shoeboxes, with 370-1235-01 Emulex MT02 tape controller and cable from
controller to drive. Free for shipping.

Xircom PE3-10BT parallel to Ethernet 10baseT gizmo, with keyboard
passthrough power cable. Xircom never made 32-bit Windows drivers for this
unit, and the 16-bit drivers which their web page claimed were
Win98-compatible didn't work. If you have an old, old laptop which is
still running 16-bit Windows, this might just get you online, though. Free
for shipping.

2 @ Lexmark Optra S/SC Coax/Twinax Adapter, FRU P/N 99A0629. DE9
connector, Intel 80960 onboard. No cables. $5 each plus shipping.

Sun 501-2592 sound module for SS4. I didn't look at this carefully enough
when I bought it, I thought it was an SBus sound card! $1 plus shipping.

HP RG5-4198 "Controller Board for 2000 Sheet Paper Tray for LaserJet 5Si",
$5 plus shipping.

DEC DEFEA EISA CDDI controller, dual attach, in original box, static bag
still sealed, with sealed manual and driver disks. Free for shipping.

DEC DEFEA-UA CDDI controller, single attach, in original box with manual.
Free for shipping.

12 @ 30-pin 1M 80ns SIP memory, various brands. Free for shipping.

2 @ mystery 144-pin SODIMMs from Simple Tech. Each sports eight
M5M4V17805CTP RAM chips and nothing like a Simple Tech part number. Free
for shipping.

Adtron "Solidstate Data Drive" ISA-PCMCIA interface. 16-bit ISA card with
VADEM VG-365 chip, two PCMCIA slots in 3.5" bay mounting, all four ribbon
cables. Supported by Linux, maybe NetBSD? Free for shipping.

2 @ Sysgen SC4000 SCSI/QIC-02 controller for QIC-11 drives, from Sun 2/120
units! One with both SCSI and tape ribbon cables, the other with no
cables. $5 each plus shipping.

HIcard2 by RYBS Electronics, 1988. 8-bit ISA card, 256K of memory which
can boost your XT to the 640K limit and fill in memory gaps beyond!
Original disks, manuals. It was really cool when I still had an XT. Free
for shipping, last known working.

3Com FDDILink 3C771 EISA SAS FDDI card with MIC connector. Free for shipping.

Adaptec AHA-2842A VESA Local Bus SCSI controller with floppy controller.
HD50 external SCSI, 50-pin internal SCSI. Free for shipping.

Apple Token Ring 4/16 NUBus card, actual Apple-branded product. DE9
connector for STP. Free for shipping.

IBM 16/5 Token-Ring PCI Management Adapter, FRU 35P5409, STP (DE9) and UTP
(RJ45). Free for shipping.

HP VRM, P/N 0950-2848, for LCII/LC2, LHII, LH3, LPr. Free for shipping.

3Com 3C597-TX EISA 10/100baseT card. This is the one that can be hacked
into working in an Indigo 2. $5 plus shipping.

HP C2071T XIO ethernet interface card, for LJII. You can see photos of
this card and get the software that I wrote for it at
http://www.siliconsamsara.org/Wirehead/index.html. The LJII referenced is
long gone, so this card and its manuals are now free for shipping. Last
known working.

Matrox G450 16M dual-head PCI video card, fully supported as a secondary
display by Windows. Works. $10 plus shipping.

Roland LAPC-I, full-length 8-bit ISA MIDI/synth card, one of the earliest
sound cards. Free for shipping.

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