[rescue] FS: Sun stuff

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Nov 27 20:46:18 CST 2005

bare SS10s, $5 picked up (Sharon, MA 02067), $10 + actual ship to ship
(will strip and send mobo, power supply, floppy, EPROM, NRAM, whatever
you want if you don't want the whole thing)

emtpy 411 enclosures: 2 for $5 picked up, $5 each + actual ship to ship

FSBE cards, $5 each + actual ship

64MB DIMMS 60ns (SS10, SS20, U1, U2, U30, U60, more) $5 each

Sparc 10 drive mounting 'brackets' (4 'nubs'): $3 per drive (4 nubs)

-- Curt

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