[rescue] FS: AlphaServer 4100 and other misc in Colorado Springs

Peter Porter peter at brightavenue.com
Sun Nov 27 19:42:55 CST 2005

Well, the laptops are gone.  Nobody out there has any need for an 
AS4100?  I figured someone would at least be *interested*.  Sheesh!

Anyone have any decent Sun hardware they'd like to trade for any of the 
below?  Maybe I shouldn't have posted over Thanksgiving weekend...


Peter Porter wrote:

>I'm trying to get rid of a few machines I've not been doing much with, 
>and I'm hoping that someone will be interested enough to throw a few 
>dollars my way, or come up with something else interesting to trade.  
>I'm located in Colorado Springs, CO (well, about 40 minutes west in the 
>mountains, but work in the springs).
>I would like to sell the following equipment.  Please make an offer 
>moneywise, or let me know what you have that you'd be willing to trade.  
>I'd enjoy an Octane with a few faster processors, or a newer Sun box as 
>I lost my Ultra 1 in the move.
>1) AlphaServer 4100, 2 x 533Mhz 21164a 4M cache processors, 1G (4 x 256M 
>boards), 3 x power supplies, cdrom, floppy.  I'll also include an 
>external HP Storage Array with 8 x 4.3G drives and dual power supplies.  
>No scsi card in the system at the moment as it was donated to someone 
>else a while ago, and one processor has a bad fan (system automatically 
>shuts that processor off.  I didn't end up locating a source for those 
>fans, but the processor comes up fine when I switch out a good fan).
>2) Mac G3 Beige, 300Mhz (I believe), 4G drive, cdrom, zip drive, no ram 
>(takes PC100).
>5) Might be interested in getting rid of my SGI Indigo 2, Impact 
>graphics, R10k 195Mhz, purple box (all intact, including security bar, 
>but not the prettiest shape), 4G drive, Irix 6.2 (I believe) loaded, if 
>anyone is interested.  It's going to no use currently and might well go 
>to someone who will use it.
>Let me know if you're interested, I'm reachable at 
>peter at brightavenue.com or 719-687-9484.
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