[rescue] WTB: Mainboard for PowerMac G4 1GHZ or PowerMac G4 1GHZ w/broken screen

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Nov 27 18:41:02 CST 2005

I know some people here are into Macs... so checking here
(long shot?) for the parts needed to fix a laptop...

Wanted To Buy

mainboard: Apple Part number 661-1800


Apple Powerbook G4 1GHZ with broken screen (no nd/optical drive/
memory/etc required).

Let me know if you have either item fitting the description and
what you are looking to get for it...

My friend's GF's Powerbook is dead (victim of Crystal light... 2nd
dissasembly and cleaning and reassembly... now doesn't work at all
there was a very corroded set of circuitry that didn't survive 

-- Curt

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