[rescue] Cisco 1601 and CSU/DSU

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Nov 26 16:43:04 CST 2005

I was given a Cisco 1601 router a little while ago. I was kinda excited 
to have a Cisco at home to experiment with, but it looks like that's all 
I can do with it. It comes with a built-in serial port and one ethernet 
port. It has an "expansion slot" but it only takes certain types of 
cards and a second ethernet is *not* one of them (nor is DSL).

Anyone interested in buying this (the Cisco, the cable and the CSU/DSU) 
from me, or trading for something? "Something" here could be IDE or SCSI 
disk drives, HP 9000 memory, or, I suppose, a Cisco with two ethernet ports.

I have power adapters for both of these. The router boots up and runs 
fine. I've done a write erase and loaded a new config. Ethernet works, 
and I can tftp the config. The CSU/DSU (Paradyne Acculink 3162) appears 
to be a decent unit with two serial ports, an ethernet port (for snmp 
management) and a console port. I have not tested it beyond applying 
power and seeing that the lights do everything that the manual says they 
should. (Manual is available online:


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