[rescue] FS: AlphaServer 4100 and other misc in Colorado Springs

Peter Porter peter at brightavenue.com
Sat Nov 26 01:04:07 CST 2005

I'm trying to get rid of a few machines I've not been doing much with, 
and I'm hoping that someone will be interested enough to throw a few 
dollars my way, or come up with something else interesting to trade.  
I'm located in Colorado Springs, CO (well, about 40 minutes west in the 
mountains, but work in the springs).

I would like to sell the following equipment.  Please make an offer 
moneywise, or let me know what you have that you'd be willing to trade.  
I'd enjoy an Octane with a few faster processors, or a newer Sun box as 
I lost my Ultra 1 in the move.

1) AlphaServer 4100, 2 x 533Mhz 21164a 4M cache processors, 1G (4 x 256M 
boards), 3 x power supplies, cdrom, floppy.  I'll also include an 
external HP Storage Array with 8 x 4.3G drives and dual power supplies.  
No scsi card in the system at the moment as it was donated to someone 
else a while ago, and one processor is missing the fan (fan was bad and 
the system would automatically shuts that processor off.  didn't end up 
locating a source for those fans).

2) Mac G3 Beige, 300Mhz (I believe), 4G drive, cdrom, zip drive, no ram 
(takes PC100).

3) Thinkpad X20 ultralight laptop.  This laptop has been awesome for the 
past few years, but I'm using my work laptop 98% of the time lately.  
600Mhz P3, 20G drive, 384M ram (max. for the system board), DVD and 
floppy in portable dock, two ac adapters, 802.11b card, battery still 
seems to work fine..  (Looking for $275, or best offer)

4) Thinkpad T20 laptop, 14" screen, was my wifes until she started using 
her work laptop solely.  700Mhz P3, 512M ram, DVD, 12G drive, two ac 
adapters, battery still seems to work fine, 802.11b card. (Looking for 
$250, or best offer)

5) Might be interested in getting rid of my SGI Indigo 2, Impact 
graphics, R10k 195Mhz, purple box (all intact, including security bar, 
but not the prettiest shape), 4G drive, Irix 6.2 (I believe) loaded, if 
anyone is interested.  It's going to no use currently and might well go 
to someone who will use it.

Let me know if you're interested, I'm reachable at 
peter at brightavenue.com or 719-687-9484.


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