[rescue] FS: Lightwave Communications ServerSwitch(es) for Sun

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Wed Nov 23 14:50:52 CST 2005

I have two of these available.

They are 5 port rack mountable units (2U).

They have standard sun kb/mouse connector and 13W3 connector
for cpu1,cpu2,cpu3,cpu4,and cpu5 as well as "common output"
keyboard and monitor.  There are also db9 in/out ports for
daisy chaining the units.

No cables included.  Uses standard computer power card, and
standard sun kb and video cables.

If someone wants both, I might have the right db9 cable for
daisy chaining them (although I think a fully wired straight
through M->F DB9 cable would work).

The rack ears bent from kicking around in a storage area...
I've straightened them out as best as possible.  (they will
rack mount fine if you wish... they just show they were bent
and straightened).

Units have 'up' and 'down' select switches and a LED channel
display on the front.

I'm asking $80 +actual shipping each, or $150 for the pair.

If interested let me know.

-- Curt

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