[rescue] Netbooting an E280R

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Nov 22 08:31:35 CST 2005

Found it, easier than the name change biz.  In the /etc/bootpd cinfig file,
there is a boot image option.  Put that in and away we go.

Now, the next fool thing, it is set to default display through whatever
fancy-schmancy video card was installed by Sun when they shipped this
thing.  It is not headless (though it might get chopped into bits soon if
it keeps futzing around with me).  Guess it is time to check the
environment and see what is inside this beast in the way of video.

The display that comes up in the install image is a mess.  Can't tell where
the cursor is, so who knows what is being selected.  Hit the down arrow
enough times on the keyboard asnd it scrolls.  (I/O is running through a
big KVM switch which has a PS/2 keyboard on it; this might be adding to the

We're digging for a cable so we can just take it out the terminal.  Should
be a 25-pin, null-modem type, on port A, correct?  (I don't get to play
with hardware this new very often....)

wes will

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