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Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sat Nov 12 17:03:43 CST 2005

On Sat, Nov 12, 2005 at 04:22:04PM -0500, Steve Sandau wrote:

> Yes, I see. There's an Icom 2100 )like Bill's) on eBay for $125 BIN. 
> Icom sells the newer model, the 2200, for $159 new right now. So I may 
> just look for something new. Suggestions for good places to look for 
> new? Also, is a handheld a worthwhile investment?

On second thought the last thing I would do is to start by buying anything.

Unless you are in the middle of nowhere (or in Jerusalem) there are
probably dozens if not hundreds of hams nearby. I would go to www.qrz.com
and do a search on your zip code and other nearby ones if the range is
close enough.

See if anyone you know is a ham, ask your friends and neighbors and if
all else fails, go calling or knocking on doors. LOOK FOR ANTENNAS.
Any ham that has an "antenna farm" will be more than glad to show you
their shack, do an on the air demo and introduce you to local clubs.

You should find a ham who is willing to help you. A ham doing so is
called an "elmer". Emering is an time honored tradittion among hams.

Getting a license is simple now. You can download the questions and answers
to the tests and there are many test yourself programs. There are books,
video tapes and in some places classes. Testing is done by volunteers.

You pay a small fee to defray their costs. Some groups do walk in testing
some require you to make an apointment so that they have the necessary
materials. Bringing donuts or bagels, etc is a nice thing to do and not
considered a bribe. 

Once you pass the test they file the results with their coordinating group.
Some do it electronicly, some do it via express mail/fedex. If you go
to the right place you can have it all done online and walk out with
your callsign the same day. Otherwise you may have to wait a few days.

Once your callsign is issued you may operate, you no longer need for the
paper "ticket" to show up.

> (I was playing with tube amps and recievers when I was in high school, 
> right before I got my CB license. Yes, it was back when you actually 
> needed one: KBRC1254 I think it is...)

I had one too, but have long since lost it and forgotten my callsign. :-(


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