[rescue] ham gear

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Nov 12 15:22:04 CST 2005

Thanks for the responses...

> Ebay works, in the North East there is the HossTraders Net. Radio swap
> meets are a big event, the mother of all meets is in Ohio. There's no
> shortage of equipment, but good clean used gear is a little harder to
> find. Oddly, I find that for a small extra investment, you can buy new
> gear instead of used/unknown/maybe-lightning-struck gear.

Yes, I see. There's an Icom 2100 )like Bill's) on eBay for $125 BIN. 
Icom sells the newer model, the 2200, for $159 new right now. So I may 
just look for something new. Suggestions for good places to look for 
new? Also, is a handheld a worthwhile investment?

> If you aren't familiar with tube circuits, I'd recommend you stay with
> solid-state radios. Due to their age, and inherent need for tinkering,
> tube rigs need specialized attention.

I've spent a lot of time with tubes, but only in receivers of various 
types. Don't know if that makes a difference. I wasn't even sure tubes 
were still available for a reasonable price. Anyway, I'm probably 
looking for something I can just use and not tinker with. I have too 
much to tinker with already.

(I was playing with tube amps and recievers when I was in high school, 
right before I got my CB license. Yes, it was back when you actually 
needed one: KBRC1254 I think it is...)


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