[rescue] Cisco 2924 rescue question...

Richard Lowe richlowe at richlowe.net
Wed Nov 9 10:04:14 CST 2005

Patrick Giagnocavo 717-201-3366 wrote:
> I finally have the proper "rollover" cable for use with Cisco console ports!
> So the next thing to do was to plug it into one of the rescued Cisco 2924 switches I have...
> apparently the boot loader is there, but an image (boot image) is not in flash.
> Going to Cisco's site, it seems that you have to buy a contract in order to get an image? 
> Is it just my imagination or did I use to see a "special", non-CCO image for the 1900 and 2900 series switches on the Cisco site?  (I have a 2924M-XL-EN ).


I think is what you're looking for, it worked in august, anyway...

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