[rescue] need help with sparc 10 speaker box

Per Sandstrom psand at mac.com
Thu Nov 3 12:55:43 CST 2005

The SpeakerBox is documented in the SPARCstation 10 Installation Guide.

> " there are four holes in the box, one for headphones, one adjacent to
> " it whose symbol is meaningless to me, and two on the back. again the
> " symbols are not meaningful. i tried google, and was led to the sparc
> " 20 manual, which is a no-no.  sun.com also hasn't produced any results
> " for me. there seems to be NO documentation on this baby anywhere,
> " 
> " can anyone tell me what those holes are for?
> they're probably [in no particular order] mic in, line in/out, and
> headphone.

Correct. Headphone and mic in on the side of the box, stereo line in/out 
on the back.


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