[rescue] Still some stuff left...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sun May 29 22:03:29 CDT 2005

I've still got some stuff up at 
Still a few pieces of hardware, and still some doc's left (including a 
complete Solaris
2.5 server package)   Just finished moving out the last of the boxes from 
the first
set of requests.   (and I'll ship stuff anywhere, just as long as you cover 
postage, got
Canada and Sweden this time..)  I just want postage, and if you want to 
to the shipping cause, great.  But, if nobody claims the rest of it, it's 
going to end up in
the trash as soon as we finish our massive garage sale...(There is so much 
I should take pictures...we haven't been able to park a car in the garage 
since we bought
the house 3 years ago....during some periods, you couldn't get physically 
THRU it at all,
packed solid.     Build a shelving system 16 ft by 10 ft by 3.5 feet deep, 
and sorted, and
trashed, an organized, and now you can get from the back door to the garage 
door. And
the shelves are full.     But there is a reason...we bought the place so we 
could help take
care of both sets of in-laws...only one set here permanently so far....[and 
after that my father
died so we have been dealing with a lot.]  We've consolidated 2 households 
during that, process
so far, and just a few years before that my wife and I had to consolidate 2 
[that's what happens when you get married in your 30's...] and that is just 
about done 8-))

Anyway, a dumpster is coming after the garage sale in a week and a half, so 
this stuff
goes there, or to the recycling center if not claimed.


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