[rescue] sun UltraEngine AXe questions..

K. sunfriek at ussonet.net
Sun May 29 02:58:22 CDT 2005

i picked up one of these off epay for DIRT cheap... less than $40 bucks..

came with 512megs of memory , 40gig hd, cdrom drive, 300mhz processor and 2
usuable PCI slots in a 1U chassis...

can i replace the CDROM drive (that is a laptop drive) with a DVD-rom drive
that i have laying around here and still have it boot media that would boot in
the cdrom drive?

which SCSI card is bootable in this machine? (i want to ditch the EIDE junk)

anyone know what the latest firmware for the AXe is? or where to find the
patch file that has the latest?


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