[rescue] Using a Lightwave with a 220R

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Thu May 26 20:24:31 CDT 2005

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>       Subject: Re: [rescue] Using a Lightwave with a 220R
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>       Subject: [rescue] Using a Lightwave with a 220R
>       > Has anybody out there use a E220R with a Lightwave Server Switch
>       > 5000?    It's a 5 port KVM switch with 13w3
>       > and the keyboard connector.
>       <snip>
>       > Anyway, there seems to be some magic that I haven't quite figured 
> out.
>       > Got a Raptor graphic card with the VGA plug out, to
>       > an adapter for a VGA to 13W3. That, running straight into 
> the  monitor
>       > works just fine.  But thru the Lightwave, I get no
>       > picture, I get green and amber lights.  Which is like when I've got
>       > signal, but the monitor is asleep.
>       > (at least that's what I get with the other Sun monitor that's 
> hooked up to
>       > my PC switch box....)   The monitor is a standard Sun GDM 20E20, 
> which
>       >I've not had any problems hooking up to
>        > otherwise.  I also checked the cables and
>       > ports with other Sun boxes.  All work fine with other machines, 
> and the
>       > other adapter I had again, worked directly
>       > hooked up, but not not thru the Lightwave.
>       Earl,
>       It could be (and I'm by no means an expert here) that your 13W3 is
>       not  passing all the required signals to the Lightwave switch. My 
> thinking
>       is  that your monitor is flexible enough to work with what it is being
>       given, but the switch is (perhaps) looking for a specific sync 
> signal on one
>       of the pins that your adapter isn't relaying.
>       I seem to recall that there is a difference in the way SGI and Sun
>       implement 13W3, with SGI using less of the pins - this adapter 
> might conform to
>       SGI, not SUN standards/requirements.
>       Just a thought, hope it helps...

Yeah I thought something similar, but I switched out with an adapter that 
is from Sun (it's actually a very
short cable....it was one we got with either an E250 or E450 we ordered at 
a previous job).  No luck so far.
I'm going to check out the prom here in a sec, and see if there is any 
settings that might make a difference.
I'll post if I have any luck.


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