[rescue] Using a Lightwave with a 220R

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu May 26 08:48:52 CDT 2005

Earl wrote:
> Yeah, that's great, esp the 420R's.  What kind of video cards
> do you have
> in those?
   Raptors -- um, I can check, but probably PGX32 or PGX64 or whatever
they sold standard in 2000 /2001.
> What kind of monitor do you have on these?
   Yard sale time: I have some on a Compaq rack-mount TFT 5150 (I
think), some on a Sun 21" CRT, and some on a no-name 17" CRT.
> (btw, I'm currently using a Sun adapter...)
   What, the 13W3-to-VGA adapter is Sun-branded? Yeah, I use them, too.
> When the E420R boots, do you get picture initially??
   Yep, all the console stuff scrolls up from the get-go, including the
color logo that the card throws up next to the Solaris banner while the
RAM tests.
   As soon as the POST starts and the keyboard LCDs flash, the power LED
on the monitor will go from orange to green or from flashing to
steady-on [at least on the monitors with such an LED!]. Never had a
problem, except, as I said, for one or two newer systems (V480s) that
don't want to auto-negotiate with some other Compaq rack-mount LCD
through the LightWave. (Or is that through the Apex 400 KVM? Whatever.)
> Can you send me a copy of the script, that would help...
   Oh, yes, *very* l33t stuff from one of my V480s:
----------start terminal capture----------
# cat S81PGXconfig

# A script to force the video card's output to something
# amenable to the HP TFT5100R rack-mnount LCD panel attached to the
# KVM in this server's rack.
# Written by W. Enestvedt, 5/29/2003.
/usr/sbin/pgxconfig -res 1024x768x75 noconfirm;
echo "--------------------" >> /export/home/wenestve/bootlog;
echo `date` >> /export/home/wenestve/bootlog;
echo `/usr/sbin/pgxconfig -prconf` >> /export/home/wenestve/bootlog;
# Should return the following message, which I supressed:
#    video resolution on /dev/fbs/gfxp0 will be set to 1024x768x75
-----------end terminal capture-----------
> Anyway to do this from the PROM?
   I think someone else posted that already the other day.
> I can hook the monitor up directly (and it works just fine)
> so I could set it there.
   If the display works direct-attached, just use pgxconfig (or
m64config or whatever tool is approporiate for your video card) to
detemine your current settings, and then slap it into a boot script.
   Oh, wait, you don't havean OS installed? I imagine that the FEH or
the manuals for the card & display ought to give you lists of uspported
resolutions that you can cross-reference.
> If you could see if you had a manual that would be
> great.
   I have tio run over to the Data Center in a bit -- I'll check in my
storage closets and let you know.
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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