[rescue] Upgrading an E220R to E420R...

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Thu May 26 08:13:26 CDT 2005

>       Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 20:07:56 -0700
>       From: haroldkarl at juno.com
>       it doesn't make much sense to go from an E220 to an E420 since you
>       can't transfer the memory.. and unless you have 450 mhz cpus, you 
> can't transfer the
>       cpus either...
>       too many differences between the models... the E420/U80 is so picky,
>       you might as well buy and empty one (around $200 on epay) and start 
> filling it.
>       harold

Well there are some reasons for it.  First, the 220R cost me a whole $1 on 
epay.  Local place too.
So the cost was actually $1.   Had to get power supplies, so that's cost me 
a whole $60
for 3. (2 + spare).  Had memory and processors from an E250 (all Sun 
labeled memory)
which I also got for a song (with a lot of other stuff).  Had drives from 
the E250 (36 GB'ers
so that filled the 220R chassis and the U2 with a nice amount of space)

If it's picky, it really doesn't matter that I buy an empty one and start 
filling it, or start filling this one.
I can put the motherboard in, if I can get the back plate and mounting 
plate and start filling what I have.
The plan to go to 450's anyway....the 400's go to the U2, got a local 
friend who is interested in the 2
300's in the U2. So, it's still an upgrade if I can find the mounting 
cheaply.  It'll end up being much
cheaper than $200 (and a whole lot more fun...8-) )


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