[rescue] FS : Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA w/ PCI adapter card

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at mail.zill.net
Mon May 23 20:07:06 CDT 2005

I checked and, you can get this card working in many of the "free"
OSes and a PCI Sparc system.  Or a non-Airport PowerBook (Cisco has
both OS9 and OSX drivers, not sure about Tiger though).  Or any x86

Essentially this is a PCMCIA card, that comes with a custom PCI
carrier that has status lights on the back.  The version of the card
has 2 antenna connectors so that you can do antenna diversity .

The card is working, I will guarantee against DOA - BUT, the card
requires an external antenna, either MMCX (if you are running just the
PCMCIA card) , or RP-TNC connectors.  

There is probably a little antenna that connects to the MMCX
connector, but I want something that fits completely inside.

Here is the PCMall info page on it (with picture):


Note, this card does have adjustable output all the way to 100mW
output.  Cisco cards have very good receive sensitivity as well.  And
apparently Cisco has a lifetime warranty on it.

Price: $65 including shipping anywhere in CONUS .  

EBay price appears to be about $100 including shipping, but the one I
am selling does not have the antenna.

Supported in NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and probably in upcoming releases
of Solaris.



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