[rescue] Using a Lightwave with a 220R

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Mon May 23 07:30:27 CDT 2005

Earl asked:
> Has anybody out there use a E220R with a Lightwave Server Switch
> 5000?
   I have four of these, I think, hooked directly to E3500s & 420Rs, and
through UltraSpec's USB-to-serial keyboard adapters and Sun 13W3-to-VGA
adapters. (Hey, you work with what you have.) Is that close enough?
> Anyway, there seems to be some magic that I haven't quite
> figured out.  Got a Raptor graphic card with the VGA plug out, to
> an adapter for a VGA to 13W3. That, running straight into the
> monitor works just fine.  But thru the Lightwave, I get no
> picture...
   Sometime I have to fiddle with the video that a given _display_ will
take, but the VKM has never been an issue before. My hunch is that the
newer card and a relatively current monitor are having trouble
negotiating a sync rate they both support because of the presence of the
adapter and the older KVM. (Is this crazy?)
   I have one such combination where I just use an rc script to force
the resolution & refresh at boot time.
> ...I get green and amber lights.  Which is like when
> I've got signal, but the monitor is asleep.
   This happens to me, too, with LCDs in the chain. Like I said, force
the resolution and you should be in tall cotton.
> It's of course been discontinued for quite a while (isn't
> all rescue stuff?) and I don't have a manual for it.
   And I don't think there _is_ a manual, but I could dig on Thursday.
[I have training M-W this week.]
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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