[rescue] More housecleaning: Mac G4 450mhz, Raid Controller, More FDDI, etc

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Sun May 22 20:49:37 CDT 2005

Hello All,
More house cleaning:

Mac Sawtooth G4 450mhz, 256mb, 20gb,  ATI AGP card
w/DVI/HD15, DVD, and Zip. Runs OS 10.3. Great
condition save a small scratch on the side. I can
include original keyboard/mouse if you want. - $225

3Com 3500 2xGigabit, 6xFDDI, 6xFast Ethernet. $250

Spyrus SCSI-PCMCIA bridge - $35

2xHP Envizex II X-Terminals. One with 12mb ram, one
with 24mb, and floppy, and audio. $35 and $25

HP Entria II X-Terminal. Very nice, very small. $25

BeBox see
http://detroit.craigslist.org/sys/73509901.html - $925

FDDI Kit  Email for exact details, basically Cisco
hub, 3x sbus FDDI cards, 1x Sun PCI FDDI Card, and 3
or 4 PC PCI FDDI cards with lots of cabling to connect
it all up. $120

U60 motherboard. I am not sure if it works. I got it
out of a system that was damaged in shipping. Nothing
visibly wrong with it, I just dont have time to test.
Best Offer

Infortrend IFT-3101U raid controller w/32mb ram. This
is a standalone UW-UW raid controller, hook one end up
to the host adaptor and the other to the disk array.
As indicated, I hooked up a serial terminal and had
fun in the pretty neat config menu. I upgraded the
firmware to the most recent one also. Havent really
had time to play with it at all, but looks quite nice.
Might also have 2x18gb 7200rpm drives to go with it if
interested. Make an offer. 

Everything is OBO. I am also looking for gigabit stuff
and LCD monitors in trade but that is about it. 


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