[rescue] FPGAs

Jeffrey Nonken jjn_rescue at nonken.net
Tue May 17 06:13:27 CDT 2005

At 03:13 AM 5/17/2005, you wrote:
> > > BGA surface mount
> >
> > Ah.  I haven't the tools to remove them without destroying them.  :(
>I wasn't following the thread, so not sure if the board was wanted in
>this case, but salvaging components (in re-usable condition) of many
>kinds from scrap boards can be done simply by supporting the board
>upside down and applying heat from above by hot air or gas. Back in the
>days when 16 pin DIL RAM chips were $$$ the likes of Radio Shack used
>that method to recycle them from failed systems.   HTH

(That's DIP, BTW. Dual Inline Package.)

I've removed surface-mount components (all of them, of course) by heating 
my toaster oven on Broil and putting the board in (on aluminum foil, of 
course, not needing to have lead dripped on the inside of my toaster oven, 
thanks :). In my limiited experience they don't slide or drop right off, 
you have to give the board a tap. It didn't burn the PC board either, so it 
may be reuseable after a bit of cleanup.

I'd heard this method can recover the parts without killing them. OTOH, 
I've not tested any of them to make sure, so YMM definately V.

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