[rescue] Spring Cleaning, with a twist

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sat May 14 20:27:45 CDT 2005

It's time for a late spring cleaning here, but it's because of a box that 
just arrived....
See, I have a couple of friends who work at Sun VAR's, who every once and a 
drop off or send me "care packages" of misc stuff that would have otherwise 
gone into the
dumpster.  Now, sometimes it SHOULD have gone into the dumpster, but more 
often than not,
the cost of the shipping usually is rewarded with a nugget or two that 
makes it worth while.
They know I'm part of the "rescue" group, so they pass it along with the 
hope that I'll
pass it along to folks who would be interested in it.  Over the years, the 
parts have helped
complete 4 Ultra 2's, 3 Sparcstation 1's a couple Sparcstation 2's and the 
like, which have
gone to co-workers or other folks who have become "Sun's at Home" users.

Anyway, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post a list.   The last box that 
I've received
pushed me over the edge space wise, and finally after the last move, (2.5 
years ago) I've
gotten to all the stuff.

I'm willing to part with pretty much all of it for just the cost of 
shipping, and if you
feel inclined a token $1 or the like to help offset some of the shipping 
I've incurred for
this stuff ($48 so far...)   The list includes misc manuals, and the like, 
and a fair number of
misc. but probably useful parts.   The few parts that I'd like something a 
bit more than
shipping cost, I've bolded, and they're simply "best offer".

The list is at:


Just drop me a note with what you want, and an address.  Paypal payment for
shipping preferred, but I'll take whatever.


p.s. I've got some Exabyte manuals still to list, but otherwise the list should
be complete.

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