[rescue] FPGAs

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat May 14 17:14:43 CDT 2005

As I recall there were some people here into things like FPGAs...

I have 2 board that each have:

4 Xilinx XC4036XL
3 Xilinx XC4062XL

I don't know too much about FPGAs... I assume they are

I doubt these were cheap chips.

I have no use (I was given them and kept them because they
look 'cool' :-) and I've decided they are 'too cool for
me' :-) ).  (actually, I'm just cleaning up and have no
use for them).

If anyone here has any interest in them, make an offer.

(In order to be reused of course they will need to be
removed from the current boards they are on).

-- Curt

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