[rescue] Plextor PX-32TSi and ultra 1

Mike Nicewonger twmaster at twmaster.com
Fri May 13 23:04:30 CDT 2005

> >> Don't think the Ultra 1 runs OBP 3 - OBP 2.??
> >
> >Yes they do. IIRC I just put 3.11 on a U1 going into service as a
> >bridging firewall. I have a hard disk built just for the task of OBP
> >upgrades in Ultra machines.
> Happy to be corrected - details on the HD for upgrading Ultra machine OBP?
> Sounds interesting...

It's simple really. Begin a Solaris 8|9|10 install, make it as minimal as
hell. After the first reboot it will ask if you want to update OBP [0]. Make
sure the machine has the jumpers set to allow the flash ROM to be written
and choose yes. After the ROM gets updated just shut the machine off. [1]

Now here is the fun part. Put the drive in next machine to update OBP on. It
will boot up and ask if you want to update the ROM[0]. :)

Mike N

[0] Providing the box needs the ROM updated.
[1] Don't forget to put the jumpers back in write protect mode.

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