[rescue] Newtons [was: $35 50gig drives]

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu May 12 18:13:55 CDT 2005

On Wed, 11 May 2005, velociraptor wrote:
> > They're great little devices.  The OS is slick.  It's really a
> > shame Steve Jobs killed the project just before PDAs became
> > really popular.  They were WAY ahead of their time.  I'd kill for
> > a newt-based smartphone that fit in my pocket.
> Several friends have had them, but that was before I really started
> getting into more "rescue" type stuff.

I never had a 110 or an emate.  I've got everything else from Apple.
For a while I had an OMP clone made by Sharp (Expert Pad?) that
I wish I'd kept.  I actually liked the case better than the OMP.

> I have been trying to ignore the fact that YATMR has been
> posted about "palmtop" sized Macs at Apple.  This time they
> are talking Flybook sized kit.
> And, as an aside, you can hook up any tablet on a Mac and
> use the handwriting recognition bits out of the Newt (updated)
> in OS X--"Inkwell" is the name it goes by there.

It was called Rosetta on the 2x00 and was (IS!) truly amazing HWR.

> > One of my favorite newt features is that it doesn't use battery-backed
> > ram for storage like a lot of the newer pdas.  Even with the batteries
> Yeah, I agree with that too.  That's one of the (few) nice things about
> the Zaurus.

It depends on how you set it up.  OpenZaurus lets you pick a ROM that
uses zero ram for storage, but the Sharp ROM on my 5500 still uses some
ram as storage.  Did they change that on the 5600?

> Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in purchasing a
> complete Zaurus 5600 kit, drop me a private email.

I will do that.

> > When you get it working, don't forget to install Newthack!
> Something to spend time on rather than random surfing. ;-)

You probably won't be very happy with the tcpip speed on the 120.
It didn't have enough heap to make it very responsive.  The 130
was much zippier and had a backlight.


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