[rescue] Newtons [was: $35 50gig drives]

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Wed May 11 17:38:34 CDT 2005

On 5/11/05, Dan Duncan <dand at pcisys.net> wrote:
> Leave both sets out for a while before you try it.  Sometimes
> the residual charge in the backup battery keeps it from

Yeah, they have been out since that attempt last week.

> They're great little devices.  The OS is slick.  It's really a
> shame Steve Jobs killed the project just before PDAs became
> really popular.  They were WAY ahead of their time.  I'd kill for
> a newt-based smartphone that fit in my pocket.

Several friends have had them, but that was before I really started
getting into more "rescue" type stuff.

I have been trying to ignore the fact that YATMR has been
posted about "palmtop" sized Macs at Apple.  This time they
are talking Flybook sized kit.

And, as an aside, you can hook up any tablet on a Mac and
use the handwriting recognition bits out of the Newt (updated)
in OS X--"Inkwell" is the name it goes by there.

> One of my favorite newt features is that it doesn't use battery-backed
> ram for storage like a lot of the newer pdas.  Even with the batteries
> completely dead, your Newt will probably have apps and such installed
> on it.  It drives me nuts when I have to use a "modern" pda that partitions
> up the internal RAM as storage so that the first time the batteries go
> flat I have to restore the damned thing from backup.  Considering the
> run times are measured in hours, this seems pretty stupid to me.  My newts
> (I collected almost the whole set) ran for weeks and still have all
> of my data if I dust them off and charge them up.

Yeah, I agree with that too.  That's one of the (few) nice things about
the Zaurus.

Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in purchasing a
complete Zaurus 5600 kit, drop me a private email.

> When you get it working, don't forget to install Newthack!

Something to spend time on rather than random surfing. ;-)


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