[rescue] O2K node board CPU transplant?

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed May 11 14:23:02 CDT 2005


I have an Origin 2000 rack that is happily running with 7 2x195Mhz node
boards and 1 2x250 node boards.

I have a source for 4 2x250Mhz node boards. However, to save hassle and
cost, would it be possible to just remove and ship the CPU modules
themselves, and transplant them onto my existing node boards, replacing the
CPU modules that are there?

I've not found any info on the web that can confirm or deny that this is a
good idea. I tend to think it won't work, but I do intend to pull one of
each type of board from my machine and see if I can divine if they are
different as to components, layout, jumpers etc.

If anyone has knowledge or opinions on this, please share <grin>


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