[rescue] sunpci

Francois Dion francois.dion at gmail.com
Wed May 11 11:50:17 CDT 2005

The original one. What kind of hack is required to get this to run
under Sol 10? Is it possible? I dont care about video resolution, i
would just like to replace a big old 4U server.

I have had no problem running a SunPCI III under Solaris 10 express in
the past by doing an ln -s on the missing driver pointing back to the
sol 9 driver, and now with Sol 10 final and patch 118591-02 this is
fully supported. But the original SunPCI is a bit different in that
it's not even supported by sol 9 to begin with.

Anybody done this before? Which rev of the SunPCI software did you use?

I cant justify buying a SunPCI III (well, they are EOL too now, so a
SunPCI IIIPro) for home, but I found locally a SunPCI.


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