[rescue] What is a hamstation 2 ?

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue May 10 08:14:15 CDT 2005

>The FT-101 series radios are good, solid units and are the starting points
>new folks (that aren't seduced by 2 meters). Some folks that collect older 
>radios seem intent on snapping up the better examples of these radios...

Yeah, and then putting them on a closet or in a display rack somewhere.  I
want to actually plug it in and let out with a CQ.  I need something I can
use at the BSA JOTA or at schools for kids to see what the hobby is all
about.  The stereotype of Ham radio being only for fat, old, geeky, white
guys really peeves me, always has.  Kids should be able to get involved,
dinosaur of a hobby though this is, what with the internet and instant
contact with people around the globe.

>> I bid on a 2m/70cm handy this

>2m HTs are quite cheap these days, if you can live with a unit that is 
>actually larger than a pack of cigarettes, that is ;^)

This was a brick of a dual-band, larger even than my Radio Shack HT202 2m
hand-held.  Unfortunate that a store that started out supplying Hams now
has hardly anything left in the inventory remotely involved with us.
Despite the lack of mods or out-of-band capabilities, that 202 is one of
the best 2m handies I've ever used.  Really good adjacent-channel
rejection, decent output power, clean signal.  I still use it for parades
and public service work, it's about 15 years old now and still going strong.

Back on topic.  Thanks to the list, for all of the responses about the
BeBox and NeXT gear.  I've turned them all over to the guy who asked me
about it in the first place, he's doing whatever dickering from here.

>From the responses, Be hardware is MUCH harder to find (or more beloved and
closely-held byt the owner) than NeXT.  I didn't realize the difference in
production was that great.

wes will

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