[rescue] What is a hamstation 2 ?

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon May 9 11:33:30 CDT 2005

>" >Am I the only one who thought of HAM radio first?
>" >shannon "AT" widomaker.com
>" Nope.
>" de N9KDY R
>Andrew Hay                                  

AAMOF, at the precise time this was posted I was once again looking into
trying to scavenge some cheap HF gear (I've always liked the Yaesu FT101
series - and from the prices on ePay, so has everyone else) to get back
into amateur radio a little more actively.  I bid on a 2m/70cm handy this
morning (lost the bid, but I'm not in a hurry, I can hold out until the
right price comes along), and am trying to find a mobile or base 70 cm rig
I can afford....single band would do, dual would be nice, tri-band would be
flipping awesome, but what I'll get is likely something very very cheap.

Maybe I should have been a fiddler.  A fiddler on the roof. Probably make
more money than being a network geek at this U....

wes will

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