[rescue] IBM FRUs - parts interchange?

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sat May 7 22:37:36 CDT 2005

Patrick Giagnocavo declared on Saturday 07 May 2005 10:23 pm:
> How interchangeable are IBM FRUs?
> It seems that e.g. a 256MB RAM DIMM for server A will have FRU#1234 ,
> but the same 256MB RAM DIMM for server B will have FRU#4321, even if
> it is the same RAM and will work in either system.
> Is this the case?  And if so, does anyone have any suggestions for a
> way to cross-reference the FRUs?

Those aren't FRU numbers, they're Option numbers.  Basically, they're 
what you specify as an option when ordering a particular system - they 
don't really mean anything when you don't specify what system they're 
for.  IBM FRU numbers are formatted like this: 12G2345 - two digits, a 
letter, and then 4 more digits.

That being said, some things with different FRU numbers are 
interchangable, and any two thing that have the same FRU number are 
pretty much guaranteed to be interchangable (unless they differ by an 
ECO or something).

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